010 ~ 1000 ...... pieces...... that is....

I've made a few quilts for other people,
so my DH says

..."when do I get a quilt"?
hm.... his request was:
a bunch of little squares, no pattern
(for those of you who can understand German)

while i was fabric gathering - he had a couple of requests,
and especially a certain ladybug fabric that he found and liked.
here is the pile of fabric strips I decided on

of course the ever present helper!
quality control supervisor was right there

I'd hoped to get it finished for fathers day
~no such luck~

here it is, and I really like the mixture of bright colours
I suppose it could be an eye spy quilt for other quilt receivers
they should be able to find "their" fabrics somewhere in this one

I mentioned to DH that the quilt top had 980 ~ 2" squares in it.
980?? he says..... how come there's not 1000?
so here's the other 20 on the back

A close up of some of the brightness as well as the ladybug binding.

I'm pleased with the outcome.


  1. He's lucky! my kids keep asking me the same questions and there's not much happening in that area. It really does look wonderful and just goes to show how great scrappy can look. I'll bet J can't wait for winter now.

  2. I love the extra 20 squares on the back.

  3. It's always the ones you think are not "into" quilts that have the most opinions!
    Hahaha! I love that you "topped off" to 1,000....
    To funny...
    I sure do love a good scrappy quilt.... It's a beauty!

  4. sweet. I'm so glad he got his quilt and that you were able to include his favortie fabric! Aren't all those little squares HARD to match up?? I hope he appreciates your work. :)

  5. That is a wonderful quilt! Love the extra 20 on the back.

  6. Really love all the squares on this quilt. Great idea to put the additional 20 on the back. Thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn't reply as your email address did not come up. I answered your question in my latest post. Take care.

  7. Very lucky Mr. Patches! What a fantastic quilt and how much fun that he wanted a quilt and helped with the fabrics. Love that you added the extra 20 squares on the back.

  8. great quilt, and very kunterbunt :-)
    your hubby is so lucky..