049 ~ Dresden Plate - my version & QAYG

 Dresden plate has been an interest of mine, but I am in constant search of things that can be made completely by machine. I started planning and making the Dresden blocks at the end of 2012. I can say that this quilt took 5 years to make.. 😻
Fabrics selections.

It's shaping up

I'd machine appliquéd the dresdens to the background fabric, then proceeded with the block with the QAYG method which made more sense to me, because of the size of the blocks. I liked how that turned out, but at this point, I put them away (for a few years).

Once we had moved homes, settled into our new home, and I'd 'unpacked' my sewing room, I found the dresdens and continued. A labour intense quilt would be a good description. After all the time, and all the work, I couldn't bring myself to give it away (to anyone). 
Then it was pointed out to me, that we don't have a quilt for our own bed. isn't that the way it works??  Aha!! 

The size wasn't quite big enough for our bed, so I added the grey border & the black corner blocks, which was easy enough to do, continuing with the QAYG method. It worked perfect, and really liked how it ended up looking. 
We like it, and for a change, the back side is just as great looking as the front.  
After 4½ years.....it is done!!

048 ~ Recycled Shirts

DH has a serious collection of cotton shirts.
He buys, he wears, he sells, he buys more....you get the idea. It started as a joke, when I saw several shirts hanging on hangers, but not in the closet. Turns out they were going to be sold. Hm....how much? He laughed. I'm serious, how much? Well, ok, I chose 10 shirts from the pile for $20. Not bad, for a good amount of nice (hardly been worn) looking cotton. I "deboned" the shirts, and stored them until I found the perfect place for them. How about a quilt for his brother in Europe? Voila!!
This is what lovely shirts can look like:
My brother in law has always liked sailing ships (tall ships), so when I found these panels, I knew they too had a purpose.