020 ~ Finally I put my Winnings to Use!!

 Back in early January, Beth's Blog had a give away, and I was thrilled to be the proud owner of one of her houses. It's taken me this long to put together my very own lap quilt. Seems I've made quilts for various people ~ but somehow have forgotten about one for me... here it is:

This is the winning house, and for the first time I 
did an 'on point' square.

 What better way to compliment Beth's house, 
than with more houses and a few Log Cabins!!

Since it is MY quilt and applique with my name 
seemed appropriate! (my DH arranged all the squares in their rightful places)

 For the back, I used various fabrics from my stash, 
and added one of the spare houses in the middle!


  1. Oooh! It's beautiful! I'm so glad you get to keep this one!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! I love both sides of it! How cool that you put your name on one of the blocks. That's such a fun touch!