Old Meets New ~ 2013

My Mom has been gone 18 years now and as I was cleaning out yet another bunch of 'gotta-keep-it' bins I discovered negatives. Amongst them I found a couple of quilt pictures. It's the perfect way to start this year's blogging, 
showing a couple of her creations. 
I wonder where I got the patching bug from.

She only patched from scraps, which is probably why I tend to prefer scrappy quilts; and I suppose it's also out of respect for who she was. I still have one unfinished patchwork top of hers that I will (eventually) complete with batting and backing - it will be a "combination quilt" - old meets new. 

Unlike the pictures I've included here - which as far as I can see are made from (yikes) fortrel, the quilt top I have is thankfully made of cotton or cotton blend fabrics.

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  1. What lovely memories, and it's so nice that you will have a quilt made by both you and your Mom.