She would be 100 today!

Scraps, not necessarily cotton fabrics got used....and (horrors - but not uncommon for that time) fortrel also got made into patchworks.  Cutting mats, rotary cutters, and all the marvelous toys and tools we have at our fingertips now were not created yet in her time.  Cardboard templates were cut from cereal boxes as patterns, and everything was cut with scissors. 
However those were different times, and.... I think she did pretty well, all things considered.

I see quite a few patterns on her patchworks that I've seen in the blogger world. The appliqué patchworks she made are interesting to me; I can't see clearly enough to know how she did the appliqué. Zig zag stitch and blanket stitch just weren't available on the treadle machine.

Somewhere in between she discovered making potholders, and little aprons for the dish liquid bottles, and I'm sure all 28 grandkids would have gotten sets of these.

The quality of the photos isn't the best, but you can get the idea. 
She kindly wrote the year (made) on most of her photos so that's a great help to me. 
These photos were all in photo albums - remember those albums with the plastic film that you pressed over the photos to keep them in place.... 
only to discover that they were never ever to be removed.....so they're not in the best of shape.


  1. Kudos to you, Eva, for putting this together. I never stopped to think of the quantity of her work, although I do remember her being on the treadle much of the winter.

    1. Thanks! and yes, it's quite amazing!