007 ~ Windmills.....

I fell in love with this pattern here a while ago and had plans to make use of it the moment I saw it. The day we took pictures it was really windy so we had trouble getting a straight photo.

The bloggers world (and wealth) of information amazes me. I had made binding before and hand sewing just isn't something meant for me.....sew.... I sew my binding by machine, and Rita is fantastic with a machine sewn binding tutorial, which gave me another way of putting it together.

Matilda is always ready to help with the puzzle.

I tried something different, with stippling on the main body of the quilt, and separate stippling on the border.... not a good idea....Ready to bind; the quilting still presents a challenge for me......
but that's how we learn??


  1. it´s lovely, great pattern and nice color choice!! and of course Matilda is just darling :-) see you,

  2. Beautiful quilt, I love all the blues! Will have to try this pattern, looks easy and fast!