A Very Merry Christmas!!

My husband chose and bought 2 meters of this fabric....

And used 1½  meters as packing;
then used the other ½  a meter as gift wrap
to wrap one of my gifts...

How can you beat that?
I Love this Man!!


  1. Keep training him well - he is off to a good start. I haven't even managed to succeed in this area. Hope you had a great time this holiday. Talk soon.

  2. He pays attention to what you love, and then acts on it. Priceless. Karmen

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Eva, and for the compliments on my rooster quilt. The square 'coop' quilting was a lucky result of playing with the masking tape. I had a lot of ends to darn in, but finished that yesterday. Today: binding! Have a great weekend!