030 It's not quite a year ....Kaleidoscope

Well it's not quite a full year since I posted....
I am so far behind with this blog...  
here's hoping this will be the beginning of more constant blogging.

I have a couple of excuses. 
Besides the full time job, I took on a part time job as well - which turned out to be more like a thankless volunteer thing albeit quite the learning experience.   
I also retired from my full time job; more than 30 years was plenty.  
I now have a bit more time, stress is virtually non-existent .
DH and I have revamped the sewing room (which sat neglected, 
and became a dumping ground for far too long) so things are more streamlined, better lit up and organized (for now).

This Kaleidoscope quilt was completed at the end of 2012. 
I think it started out as a string piecing, and the colours created a kaleidoscope look. I liked it.
Measures 77" x 89"

 The backing, I've seen many pieced backs and I prefer the look of them over a solid back.

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