033 A Baby Girl ... selah

Who can resist a baby quilt??
This one was done - start to finish - this year!!!!
I had a collection of polka-dotted fabric, and this pattern just called for the polka-dots.
measures 44" x 54"

The daisy fabric with the daisies fit right in as backing.          Smiles..

I bought a Janome Horizon last year, and for the first time tried a funky machine quilting stitch.
It looks so good, but I'm not sure I'd want to do this on a larger quilt.
Maybe one day....

I created a new label for my quilts.  I had been using a patch about the size of a business card, and attaching it to the backing. With my one year + sabbatical I found out how that could be a problem; if I attached the label to the backing, and then didn't complete the quilt - it could sit with an outdated label for way too long. 
So my new label is not only smaller, but gets attached IN the binding (which is the last step of the quilt finish) so it doesn't become outdated info. I can easily make a new label if the year changes.

And of course, a flannel receiving blanket with a couple of burp cloths. Complete!

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