035 Christmas Eve Delivery ~ Neve

 Zebras, Black & White, Hot Pink & Hearts
That was this little 6 year old girls request, when I asked her what kind of quilt she would like.
 Well I found Zebra print for the background, a variety of pink (some hot) for the daisies which I appliqued with raw edges. The short piano keys border alternated the pinks with another zebra print, that shows a herd of zebras.. They were her favourite part, she said.
For the backing, I used an Ikea fabric that seemed so appropriate. It's refreshingly colourful, with a variety of birds and wildlife. Not quite enough for the back, so I chose one of the colours in the back, a pink to extend the fabric.
Free motion is my favourite quilting, and for the centers of the daisies I did a pebble quilting, to make them stand out better. (it's quite cute on the back)
Bundled with a Zebra ribbon, ready for delivery.
Within minutes, she disappeared..... to put it on her bed.
How rewarding is that??
too sweet!!  Measures 60" x 77"

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  1. Great quilt! And how funny that she knew exactly what she wanted.