036 Nine Patch finished December 2014

Back in 2010 I blogged about "My little supervisor who was right there to make the softness test"  Matilda... has since crossed the bridge; she was our first cat.
I started this 9 patch back then, and somehow had other (better) ideas.. not to mention a whole other work that kept me from my biggest hobby, so this got stuck in the WIP pile(s).

Then in the fall of 2014 (after retiring from a 30+ year full time job) I tackled my hobby room. And tackling is what it needed. It got a facelift, and I began to "play" again.
My first goal was to get a couple of UFO's finished before the end of 2014 - which i managed with this 9 patch, and as you can see a new helper is right there while i quilt.
Max is an amazing quilting pal!!

Finally done!!
The front, turned out better than the WIP i had put away 4 years earlier.  
The back - which ended up more "scrappy" than i intended, but I actually love it the way it is.

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