041 Tutor, Padawan & Blooming Nine Patch

....... and a Christmas "Practice" Quilt

My SIL who is now a neighbour, has been, for a couple of years, telling me about a quilt she'd like to make. "A blooming nine patch". Hm.... not too much information out there on this pattern, but I assured her I'd help her when we arrived and settled in from the move. So she was actually the first to make use of my "crow's nest". 

Being new to rotary cutters, mats, rulers, pressing versus ironing etc I showed my SIL tips on the how's and whys, but since she works with wood and building renovations the concepts are very similar so there was NO need for constant over-the-shoulder teaching.
She discovered Kaffe Fassett, and there was simply no other fabric choice for this not-so-common quilt quest. The cutting & piecing of the top was done solely by her with only a bit of guidance. 
The back, she chose to be a pieced mixture of batiks. 
A thread on the back of her hoodie.....shows she's acquired the quilting bug.
But when it came to the rest of the jobs to finish, I wanted her to have a bit of practice on a real project before doing the actual work on her gorgeous creation. 
So...... like most all quilters, I have a couple many WIPs. And since it was December, why not let her finish one of my smaller Christmas quilts. I'd completed the top and the backing a couple of years ago, it still needed the batting to be cut, to put the sandwich together, then quilt it and make the binding and bind it. 

Again, with a little bit of guidance, SIL sandwiched it, quilted it and added the binding.  When she was done with the Christmas quilt, I washed & dried it, folded it up and gave it to her for Christmas!  :)
 ok, practice was all done, 
She'd really aced the whole process.
 ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~
Back to the Real Creation:

The sandwich was done, ready to be quilted. She chose a red/green/blue variegated thread which fit this quilt top so well.
With so much colour, the same fabric as the last row/round was chosen for the binding. It worked perfectly and didn't disturb the "bloom".
The completed Front
The completed Back
....way to go Carla....


  1. OOOh! I love both quilts! You've created a quilter!

  2. Oh, my, that is gorgeous! You know I really, really like the Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and this is a supurb use of them.

    So, another convert, heh? LOL