042 ~ I see Stars

It's a compliment when someone asks you for another quilt....isn't it? Well my MIL asked for another. 

A couple of years ago, when it seemed that my MIL (who lives in Europe) didn't understand what my hobby really was, - I think in the translations, I wasn't explaining myself well enough. So I decided then to make and send her a quilt of her own. She was thrilled. 

At the end of last year, she asked if it would be ok to request another quilt; said she'd love a second one. Hm....well, OF COURSE..... I'd be happy to make a special quilt just for her.
I'd seen a picture here of a quilt top that I thought was spectacular - my favourite quilts to make are scrappy ones, and this one fit the bill.
Since we're still settling in from our move, it took a while to get it all together; there was no hurry, so I could take my time. Here's the front on the design wall
The front has 1872 pieces. 1" (finished) strips sewn into log cabin blocks.
I wanted to do something not-so-ordinary for the back, and with the "star" theme in mind, I made one big star for the backing.
I seem to have a bit of trouble when I'm sewing narrow strips together, to get the blocks to be square. They tend to become bowed on the sides which i couldn't use for this quilt so........ 
 I have plenty a few "bowed blocks" that I put aside and started over. They'll get used in another project at some time in the future.
 I liked the big star on the back, but wasn't sure how to make it big enough to fit as backing. I had plenty of the blue fabric (with stars on it) which I'd already planned to use for the binding, so I chose it as a narrow border to frame the large star. Then I framed that with a wide frame of little pixies who are tossing stars around. 
It fit!
I FM stippled the quilt....... and......Alas.... it was done. 
To get a 'second' quilt centered on the back was a new challenge for me, but with the help of DH, bro & sil we got it done.  
I am so happy with how the whole thing turned out, and I'm sure my MIL will be happy too.

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  1. Simply beautiful and impressive! You've done a wonderful job on this. I'm sure she will feel the love.