044 ~ Abraham turns 60

My bro was turning 60; he's not much of a 'birthday' kind of guy, but I wanted to make a quilt for this special occasion. 
I remember as kids, he always had his nose in books. Not much has changed there; he's still an education sponge avid reader. (Me, I read things, and forget them.) So naturally a quilt to do with books would be ideal. 

I'd seen pictures of bookshelf quilts, so with them in mind, I started creating.

DH & I went to the fabric store, to look for suitable brown fabric that could pass as wood shelves. Suitable????  DH is the one who found this fabric; it couldn't have been more perfect, and instead of making the usual quilt label, I made a "selvage" and used it as a book title on the wood fabric!
I started making "books" and had a couple of ideas for "features" to accompany the books, but it was only when I put the rows of books on the design wall, that ....phew.....they actually started to look like books.
I attached the shelves........it was starting to look like a bookcase. 
Magnifying glass: my bro always has a magnifying glass on the table; (nothing wrong with his eye sight, but) he's always "inspecting" something.
Binoculars: birds and other wildlife show up unexpectedly so the binoculars need to be handy in the moment.

Christmas Tree: hmmmm... suffice it to say, 
all homes require a Christmas tree!
The quilt label is simply "one of the books"
.....on the 5th shelf.
The backing fabrics were perfect, they relate to one of his hobbies -astronomy -- as well as his work - woodworking.  

I decided on the QAYG method for quilting this quilt, and really wanted to do an organic vertical line quilting, and I am pleased with how that turned out.
The quilt measures 64½ x 87½

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt! I've seen lots of these bookcase quilts on the internet, but yours is by far the best - maybe because you shared your heart as it went into this quilt. I'm sure your brother was and is so happy with it.