043 ~ Health, Energy & Love

On April 27th my S-I-L had a "vision" from here.  The vision was to make a quilt for one of her Moms (who was being booked for medical procedures) The plan was to have the quilt finished before the procedures began,
my Bro created templates for us, and so began a speed project.

hmmm... looks like a whole other block pattern.

120 of these 6½" blocks to press seams OPEN....

and to trim....

Starting to see circles.....

6 extra blocks, "no waste policy" here; we started creating the back...

A window (with lights on) siding, leaves in the garden, grass, and can you see the bit of sunshine at the top?

Free motion quilted, and ready for binding.

Can you find the teddy bear?  There's a family story about a teddy bear and getting well. So a (where's waldo type) teddy bear was a necessity. 
A couple of quilted hearts (on the Kaffe Fassett piece here), also a necessity. 
The grape fabric was part of the Mom's Christmas gift to me so naturally it needed to be involved too.

Binding....almost done.

The front...

The back...

Ready for delivery & on time!  Done!
thanks to S-I-L, Bro, & DH who made this possible

  and..... this..... xoxox is what it's all about!!!


  1. You did a fantastic job. I love it.

  2. That is a lot of blocks, It's a lovely quilt, only thing is I can't find the bear.

    1. The quilt turned out beautifully - Thanks!!
      ah yes.... the bear.... he's well hidden in the only piece of "Christmas" fabric....