005 ~ Leaves......

Then I got serious??

This one started out to be a double quilt
until I got the border on, (I need to get the measurements & sizes figured out), AND quilted it and then ...... the size was gigantic!! So I did an unmentionable; I resized it ~ best not to ask how I did that.

Merlin LOVES domestic duties....
he usually "helps" with laundry
(he's addicted to bleach)
as you can see...he's been helping with the quilting.

the backing fabric is a leaves & acorns print,
which I thought was a perfect addition...
considering who this quilt was being made for.
I'm happy with the binding, which I did completely with the sewing machine.Again, my quilting is still rather amateurish
......hm.... I'm wondering how many quilts it will take
before I get it looking better??

...all in good time...
started June 2009 - completed September 2009

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