004 ~ Fence Rails ~ Elmo......

I discovered the world of blog; heard about sandwiches and stipplings. Curiosity made me take a day course to learn how to put together a sandwich and how to stipple.

In the meantime I bought a new sewing machine a Juki TL-98Q. I love this machine. It goes fast!!! I had to learn how to sew all over again.

So to put learning into practice, using the sandwich technique:

I made another baby quilt, in an Elmo theme. The top is fence rails pattern, Warm & Natural Cotton Batting, and the backing with a bit of Elmo piecing. The stippling...well it needs more practice too!! AND my first ever binding.... this is exciting!!

I decided to try making a label, using a fabric pen; I didn't like it at all. (note to self....must find a better label)

All in all.... for "another" first... it turned out okay.

started May 2009 - completed June 2009


  1. Hollo
    I realy like your Blog and I think you are doing very well, hope to see more of your creations .
    Thank you

  2. Wonderful work and welcome to blogland! I was wondering how things were going for you!
    Can't wait to see what the next project will be for you!
    Take care, Kimberly
    ...and if I may ask, where in BC are you from? I'm in Abbotsford.

  3. Your blog looks great! You did a beautiful job stippling that quilt--congratulations!!