003 ~ Scrappy Trip Around the World......

Then 2009 arrived, and I decided to get serious, so I tackled a Queen Sized bedspread.
I really like the 'scrappy' look of patchworks, so made a scrappy trip around the world.

By this time I had discovered the Land-of-Blogs and learned about the "sandwich" and of the quilting techniques. Once the top was done, I toyed with making the sandwich....... several headaches later, I opted for going back to the pillowcase style.

A front, a back, no filling.
The quilting is vary amateurish(and not so straight with the lines), but considering the little Kenmore sewing machine I had to work with, I was happy with how it turned out.
Blunders and all.... I am quite proud of this huge project.
started mid March 2009 - completed mid May 2009