039 Bubble Quilt for Baby

It was a request.... my niece wanted a "bubble quilt" for her next baby.  I'd never heard of it, so I researched it, hm..... interesting technique...   ok, I could learn something new right??

 This is how it began.  Making little pillows, stuffing them and sewing them together.
 And they look like this.
 Of course my helper was right there reassuring me, that it was looking good.
 Sewing the backing on, folding the backing around to make a "binding" was incredibly tough on the shoulders and arms.
 But alas, it was done.
 I used a light blue fleece (with teddy bears) for the backing and utilized the "tieing" method to hold it place, knowing full well that it would be impossible to try any other method. I used some of my Mother's embroidery floss to do the tieing.  so Little Henry has a Bubble quilt with his Great Grandma's embroidery floss in it.  I'm sure She's smiling!!
 Torture might be a bit of a strong word, but this project wasn't really a fun one, and by the time i was done i NEEDED to do something quick easy & fun, so i put together this receiving blanket to go along with the bubble quilt....... ahhhhhhhh.

And..... how is this for a Thank You???

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