Circles for Applique ~ How I make them

I've seen a few different ways to make circles for applique and have tried a few of them without satisfaction.  Then I watched a clip on YouTube...and was sold.
 Roughly cut your fabric the size you would like your finished circle to be.
Normally I would cut the fabric in squares but in this case, I'd cut the centers out of the background fabric I was using for Dresden plates.

 Draw a circle on the wrong side of fabric, the size you want your finished circle to be.
I use a non adhesive interfacing and pin it onto the right side of fabric.

 Sew on the drawn line.

I use pinking shears to trim around the sewn line (no need to cut notches).
 Cut a hole into the interfacing, (careful not to cut through the fabric) in order to turn it right side out.

 Use a sharp(er) tool (I usually use a plastic chop stick) to push out the edges. I found it easier if I pushed on the fabric side, rather than on the interfacing side.
 Looks pretty good.

Turn it over and press.

I've made a variety of smaller circles and this method works so easy!

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